inHarlem: Simone Leigh – Marcus Garvey Park

inharlem_exhibit_-_artist_-_simone_leigh_inHarlem: Simone Leigh synthesizes the multimedia artist’s recent forays into the public realm with her longstanding interest in African and African-American material culture and female identity. The installation, a particularly elaborate imba yokubikira, or kitchen house, stands locked up while its owners live in diaspora, inserts three structures, reminiscent of imba yokubikira (kitchen houses) from Shona-speaking rural areas of Zimbabwe, into the landscape of Marcus Garvey Park. Approximating the scale and outer texture of the round, clay-and-thatch imba, the structures are arranged in a cluster to suggest a community; however, all are without entrances, to both celebrate a diaspora and evoke the displacement it involves.  Enter Marcus Garvey Park at 123rd Street and Madison Avenue or 124th Street and Fifth Avenue to view inHarlem: Simone Leigh.

Cost: Free

Contact: The Studio Museum in Harlem
Phone: 212-864-4500 x228

Location Details
Marcus Garvey Park
18 Mount Morris Park West
New York NY 10027 US


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