inHarlem: Kori Newkirk – St. Nicholas Park

inharlem_exhibit_-_artist_-_kori_newkirk_-_st__nick_parkFor inHarlem: Kori Newkirk, the artist transforms one of the iconic sets of steps in St. Nicholas Park into the site of a ceremonial procession. Sentra frames the steps rising from St. Nicholas Avenue with reflective fringe curtains. Formally similar to the artist’s well-known beaded curtains, and reflecting a landscape reminiscent of the pastoral imagery they sometimes depict, the dazzling canopy is visible to, and welcomes, passersby on St. Nicholas Avenue. Public sculpture is a new direction for Newkirk, though his diverse practice frequently incorporates unusual or found materials, often those associated with urban black life.

Enter St. Nicholas Park at 137th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue to experience inHarlem: Kori Newkirk.

Cost: Free

Contact: The Studio Museum in Harlem
Phone: 212-864-4500 x228

More Info:

Location Details
St. Nicholas Park

St. Nicholas Avenue at West 128th St to West 141st St
New York NY US

This exhibit will be in the park until July 25, 2017


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