La Casa Azul Bookstore Closing to “Evolve” Business Model, Owner Says

Casa Azul BookstoreThe bookseller, which has been on 103rd Street near Lexington Avenue since June 2012, is closing its doors Saturday, according to a statement from the owner Aurora Anaya-Cerda.

“In order to take the vision from La Casa Azul Bookstore to the next level, we have decided to re-design our business model to increase our social impact as a bookstore, community space, and performing arts center,” Anaya-Cerda wrote on the store’s website.

Details of what the new version of La Casa Azul Bookstore will look like remains unclear. Anaya-Cerda declined to elaborate on the specifics like where the new location will be and how the business will be restructured.

She did confirm that the physical space on 103rd Street will close. They will stay active on their social media accounts. They will still sell books online through their website, and the bookstore will “pop up” at local schools and cultural venues around the city, she said.

Over the years, the bookstore has hosted more than 600 events like readings, workshops, exhibits and classroom visits that have attracted award-winning authors like Junot Diaz.

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By Gustavo Solis | December 18, 2015 12:33pm


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