Bowery Mission Opens Residential Recovery House in East Harlem

EAST HARLEM — Ten years ago, while living in Philadelphia, Darick Kennedy got drunk walked into a bookstore and tried to  The Bowery Mission officially opened at residential recovery center on East 115th Street. Thursday. steal a book.

The stunt ended with him in handcuffs and three years probation. It was the start of a long journey filled with more run-ins with police and stints at halfway houses, he said.

“Throughout the next ten years I was in and out of trouble with the law,” he said. “When I finally was released from the halfway house in December 2014, I just ran wild. I got high for about two weeks.”

Today Kennedy, 41, is sober and living in East Harlem. He is one of 65 men who recently moved to a transitional living center on 315 East 115th St. He found a job as a janitor and is studying to go to HVAC school to start a new career.

By: Gustavo Solis | June 5, 2015


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