Group Calls for Moratorium on new Drug-Related Programs in East Harlem

EAST HARLEM — A group is calling for a moratorium on drug-treatment programs in the neighborhood, saying the area already has enough rehab centers after becoming a magnet for such facilities.

The Harlem Neighborhood Block Association said East Harlem is oversaturated with centers that attract people from other parts of the city, Westchester and New Jersey.

“There is no reason one community should carry the brunt of the burden,” said Robert Perkins, a member of the block association. “Why not drop off some of the people here, some off at 96th Street and some at Gracie Mansion?”

Apart from a large homeless shelter on Wards Island, East Harlem has 22 drug-treatment programs, four homeless services providers and four transitional-living facilities, according to the group. The moratorium on new centers would also apply to all service and care programs, as well as preferential residential, clinical or out-service facilities.

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By Gustavo Solis | May 4, 2015 7:50am 


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