Brown Butterfly

Brown Butterfly 021515-page-2TimeTHREE ON 3 PRESENTS Craig Harris’ tribute to Muhammad Ali with the music from the award-winning multimedia work, BROWN BUTTERFLY. Featuring Craig Harris (trombone), Jay Rodriguez (reeds), Franz Hackl (trumpet), Adam Klipple (keyboard), and Kahlil Kwame Bell (drums). Based on the legacy and exquisite physical gestures of Muhammad Ali, trombonist Craig Harris celebrates the essence and spirit of Ali through a contemporary musical composition that transposes the boxer’s physical language into a rich, vibrant, notated score. Rhythms shadow Ali’s footwork, melodies sing the song of his jab, and harmonies display the power of his combinations.

“Mr. Harris is known for his precise and sensitive melding of musical styles. His score is a robust wonder, a rainbow of world music, jazz, blues and popular period music.”          Jennifer Dunning, New York Times 

This is going to be epic!

Mt. Morris Acsension Presbyterian Church
15 Mount Morris Park West
New York, NY 10027

February 15, 2015

Time: 3PM


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