The Cecil, a Harlem Restaurant From Richard Parsons

Richard Parsons, the former Chairman and CEO of Time Warner, is gearing up to open two new projects in Harlem this fall: The Cecil and Minton’s.  Here’s a look at the former, a bar and restaurant that is slated to open later this month on 118th Street.  The team from the restaurant is pitching this as an “Afro-Asian-American brasserie.”  Alexander Smalls, who was formerly the chef and owner of Cafe Beulah, is running the kitchen at The Cecil.  The chef’s menu includes things like a summer roll made with house-cured salmon, a collard greens salad with spiced cashews, and ahi tuna with bok choy and Chinese sausage.

Minton’s, which sits next door to The Cecil, will open later this fall as a supper club with nightly jazz performances.  For decades, this space was home to Minton’s Playhouse, a club that hosted numerous jazz greats over the years.  Alexander Smalls is also the chef at this new project.  The Cecil will open to the public on September 23.  Take a look around

Thursday, September 12, 2013, by Greg Morabito

[All photos by Daniel Krieger]


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